Mythology  III

The Search For Relevance

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Mythology is a rare bird. Consisting of Brynen Sosa, Dane Carmichael, and Jordan Morrissey, they play with a force that is unparalleled by any band famous or local. This force could only be described as “Controlled Chaos”. Graced with a good melodic sense to write an inescapably catchy hook, the instrumental control to play what seems like impossible passages, the fearless mindset to go completely berserk and atonal, and the humor to keep an audience chuckling for weeks to come, they will turn your head whether you want it or not.

Having released their first album, “Greatest Hits” in 2009, They established themselves in the local music scene as a force to be reckoned with. Their 2012 offering, “Forever Endeavor”, showed no signs of stopping. Going much deeper into the Progressive Rock genre than its predecessor, their second album had a mystique that only few can achieve with a great balance of Broad Composition, Technicality, and Accessibility.

Mythology III: The Search For Relevance

Their third album, “Mythology III: The Search For Relevance”, is a Mature (well… kind of!) amalgamation of several musical ideas. While still sounding Uniform and Continuous, “III” displays a band on the verge of budding into a full-grown Musical Entity. Capable of writing not only wonderfully enticing melodies, but also challenging passages that may even confound some listeners, Mythology is not afraid to have a sense of humor!



Brynen Sosa’s guitar pyrotechnics, smooth vocals, and irreverent social commentary are nothing short of unique and quirky. Dane Carmichael’s thumping Fusion-inspired bass playing provide a solid foundation which is always restrained, yet wild. Jordan Morrissey’s maniacal, yet impeccably controlled drumming is the fuel of the Myth fire. Together, they will deconstruct any preconceived notion of traditional composition and/or approach to music. So, forget everything you know, Here comes Mythology!

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